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Jieyang Huibaochang Electrical Appliance Co,Ltd.


        Huibaochang is a national key high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. Its main products are: intelligent sweeper motor, intelligent robot motor, intelligent electrical appliances and precision micro motor parts, precision automobile hardware parts. Its three brands are Huibaochang, Hengjia and Changrong. Huibaochang has a perfect industrial chain in China and is one of the most competitive enterprises in the same industry at home and abroad. Our products are widely used in the fields of intelligent robot, UAV, intelligent sweeper, intelligent home, high-end personal care, medical equipment, on-board electronic equipment, intelligent portable sports equipment, precision testing instruments, etc.

        At present, Huibaochang has more than 60 related invention patents, many scientific and technological achievements, leading the formulation of micro motor enterprise alliance standards, drawing up five enterprise standards, has won more than 20 high-tech products, and many awards in Guangdong Province. Huibaochang has established Guangdong science and technology service station,Guangdong Doctoral Working Stations, Guangdong engineering center's laboratory. It's the industrial and commercial bank of China e-commerce partners.The company has passed IS9001, ROHS ,Carry out the standard,Observe the contract and emphasis the credit and other certification. There are 10 categories, 125 series and more than 1000 specifications of intelligent robot motors and intelligent electrical appliances produced by Huibaochang, which are sold in more than 100 cities and regions at home and abroad. Huibaochang products are famous at home and abroad for their reliable quality to reduce manufacturing costs and improve the quality stability of customers' products.

        Since its establishment in 2004, Huibaochang has been relying on customers and partners externally, focusing on customers and creating value for customers through innovative products; providing reasonable returns to the employees who rely on hard work internally; And building a win-win ecosystem with suppliers, partners, industrial organizations, open source communities, standards organizations, universities, research institutions, etc., so as to promote technological progress and industrial development; at the same time, actively promote automatic production, help train local craftsmen, and promote the development of China's intelligent manufacturing.

        What have we brought to society? Huibaochang provides innovative leading, simple intelligent, safe and reliable motor and technology solutions for robot manufacturing industry and smart home manufacturing industry at home and abroad.

        The mission of Huibaochang people: to strive for the prosperity and strength of China!