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Innovation is the continuous development of power source.



Formerly BaoHengJia

Jieyang BaoHengJia Micro motor Factory, formerly known as Jieyang BaoHengJia Micro motor Factory, has been manufacturing and operating DC micro motor shell and other products since its establishment. At the beginning of the business, faced with the challenges of mold design, mold making, production technology, quality control and other technical issues, the founder rose to the challenge, continued to learn to improve manufacturing technology, and actively participate in exhibitions. Visit customers and gradually increase sales. After ten years of hard work, the products made by the factory have come to the fore in the market and ushered in the spring of development.


In 2004

Register HuiBaoChang

JieYang HuiBaoChang electric Appliance Co., Ltd. was registered and established, and expanded the production scale, committed to the development, production and sales of micromotors, micromotor shells and accessories.


In 2005

Purchasing production line

More than 20 automatic production lines have been purchased to double the production capacity, providing sufficient products for users and laying a foundation for the company to broaden the market.


In 2006

Expand multiple products

The company's products expanded to more than 200, to participate in more influential large exhibitions, products to the national market.


In 2007

Product promotion abroad

Participate in Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions held international exhibitions, products gradually to the foreign market.


In 2008

Rapid increase in sales

With the outbreak of the world economic crisis, the international market is weak, and the domestic market is full of challenges, the company has gained a firm foothold in the industry with years of technology accumulation, and won the trust of users with high-quality products. In the crisis, the company has gained a turning point, with rapid sales improvement and breakthrough of development bottleneck.


In 2009

Create the ChangRong brand

Create ChangRong brand, deploy company marketing strategy plan. Changrong brand main motor rotor series products, for more users to provide the ideal transmission matching.


In 2010

Purchase of high-end testing equipment

The company has purchased imported high-end testing equipment to accurately detect product quality indicators, so as to guarantee the company's core competitiveness and sustainable development.


In 2011

Registered trademark HuiBaoChang

HuiBaoChang trademark registration success, to create a brand image of products.


In 2012

Form four types of products

After years of business sand, HuiHaoChang in the market steadily, starting to take shape, the formation of DC motor, DC motor shell, motor rotor, motor plastic parts four types of products.


In 2013

Join a trade association

Join China Electronic Components Industry Association, and work together with more peers for the prosperity of the industry.


In 2014

Create HengJia brand

Establish HengJia brand, main motor products. So far, the company brand category has been established and perfected.


In 2015

Enter the e-commerce market

Enter the e-commerce market, and industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank to reach e-commerce cooperation. Among them, the annual sales of ICBC's E-COMMERCE B2B and B2C platforms exceeded 10 million yuan.


In 2016

Transformation of technological achievements

Planned the transformation of more than 20 products, such as DC motors, into technological achievements, and gradually established an independent intellectual property system, laying a foundation for building a modern technology-intensive enterprise.


In 2017

Enterprise upgrading and development

It has been identified as a high-tech enterprise to enhance the independent innovation ability of enterprises, improve the threshold of enterprise competition, and provide powerful qualifications for enterprises in the market competition.


In 2018

The enterprise creates brilliance again

It is of great significance to standardize the quality control of products and protect the rights and interests of users to formulate the enterprise alliance standard of "permanent magnet DC micromotor" and enterprise standard of "One-forming Precision Micromotor Shell and Machine Cover". Two scientific and technological achievements of R&D and Industrialization of complete set technology of Permanent Magnet Precision Micromotor and R&D and Industrialization of Shell Structure Design and Integrated Forming Technology of Precision Micromotor passed the expert group appraisal successfully, laying a solid technical foundation for the industrialization development of enterprises.


In 2019

Formulate and publish enterprise standards

The enterprise standard Q/JYHBC 1-2019 "Automatic Packaging Line of Electric Chassis" formulated by the company was officially released and implemented in the national enterprise standard information public service platform.


In 2020

Won various awards

Company became JieYang city in 2020 key high-tech enterprises, small and mid-sized enterprise in GuangDong province in 2020, the first prize in measurement control and instrumentation science and technology of GuangDong province and the second prize award, cooperation with south China university of technology, the precision micro-motor shell multichannel time drawing greening design and manufacture key technology research, through the identification of scientific and technological achievements.


In 2021

The glories continue

Successfully approved the establishment of GuangDong Doctor workstation, while participating in more public welfare undertakings.