Brand promotion



Brand concept

Crafty attitude casting quality tree Huibaochang brand image

        Company has always insisted that based on the market for a long time will have to manufacture high quality products and constantly develop innovative, for every product, carefully manufactured with originality attitude, this is reflected in the design of the product development, product development and debugging, monitoring of raw materials procurement, production process management and quality control, product sales and after-sales service, every link, HuiBaoChang to control strictly, Solve the abnormality in time to ensure the quality of the product meets the standard.


Logo interpretation

        With the combination of the graph moon, star and the letter HBCMD as the visual image, the moon is the representative of movement, is the symbol of eternity, and the star is a symbol of light and hope, AND HBCMD represents the meaning of making huibao Chang. Combination of graphic meaning for HuiBaoChang people to "craftsmanship, quality,seiko manufacturing" for the quality concept, with the craftsman spirit to create a good HuiBaoChang brand, so that the enterprise to continue, eternal management, will also let the development of the enterprise is better and better, stronger and stronger.

        The company continues to pursue innovation, with service to continue the value; Work hard, and work hard for the prosperity of the motherland. This spirit is reflected in every link of building HuiBaoChang brand.


Brand construction

        The company pays special attention to brand construction, formulates brand marketing promotion strategy, clarifies the company's strategic objectives and plans, and sets up a special brand marketing planning team to be responsible for the brand marketing network construction, promotion and implementation of the company's marketing strategy. At the same time, based on science and technology to create value for the purpose, and constantly develop innovative products, with the creative attitude of manufacturing, to provide a guarantee for the company's brand construction.

        The company advocates the service concept of "work hard, let you rest assured and trust", pays attention to product quality at the same time, continues the value of HuiBaoChang staff with service, in order to shape the brand image of Huibaochang.


Marketing network

        The company spirit of "honesty, science and technology as the soul, open sharing, win-win cooperation" business philosophy, based on market demand, and constantly develop innovative products. At present, the products are widely used in auto parts, health care products, toys, electronic control doors, cutting equipment, printing machinery, power tools, robots, medical equipment and other fields, is one of the main suppliers of domestic micro market complete varieties, but also the demand of micro motor enterprises ideal partner. Our products are sold to more than 40 countries and regions, such as the United States, Japan, South Korea, etc., and are well received by new and old customers.